Food Security Programs

Rise Up offers a variety of programs to address food insecurity in our urban Indigenous population. Indigenous communities have a strong history of caring for one another’s wellbeing through provision of food at gatherings, as well as through community outreach. The pandemic has both interrupted community gatherings and deepened inequities. In addition poverty and inter generational trauma have further affected food access. Our goal is to create opportunities for Indigenous families to access healthy food while providing workshops on preservation, nutrition, and harvesting.

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Launa and Sherrelle were guests on Food Conversations on November 17, 2023

Launa and Sherrelle were guests on Food Conversations on June 16, 2023

Launa and Sherrelle were guests on Food Conversations on April 14, 2023

Cook with our Kids Program

Families are provided with healthy ingredients and instruction on preparation of a meal. Directions are simple and kid friendly as the intention is for families to share the preparation process. Food choices are local and organic whenever possible. Meals are provided once or twice weekly depending upon budget.

Plant Medicine Workshops

Workshops are presented seasonally to explore plant food and medicine in the area. Participants learn about food and medicine uses of plants as well as teachings around respectful harvesting. Our focus is on food as medicine.

Emergency Food Hampers

Food hampers are provided to families on an as needed basis. Families are referred through local connections as well as self referrals

Food Preservation Workshops

Families are invited to attend workshops focussing on canning, smoking and freezing food in a safe manner. We use locally harvested fruits and vegetables and encourage healthy seasonal menu planning. These workshops are an opportunity for families to connect and build relationships over food.